When we say "All Are Welcome"
This is what we live into:

We truly believe that God so loved the world and the Kingdom of God is Diverse. To us this means that at Spirit of Life we strive to be an Anti-Racist Church. Our pastor and several members of the congregation are BIPOC with lived experiences to work alongside allies towards an anti-racist church. 

We strive to not only welcome 2SLGBTQSIA+ Christians but also, be affirming, be always learning, evolving and respectful.  All have gifts to share in community through Christ. All people are beloved of God.

We strive to remove barriers for anyone to our building, our worship and our understanding of Christ's inclusivity. We acknowledge that this can be hard work, but we ask for God's Grace and for the Holy Spirit to guide. 

We are a small congregation that leans into Confession and Forgiveness in Christ. We strive to be a healthy place where anyone can respectfully and joyfully (although we are all welcome to come as we are) grow together in faith, in the Communtiy of Christ.