What's a Lutheran?
Basically, followers of Jesus that know God's indiscriminate and abundant grace is for everyone before we can even ask. You can't earn it and you can't lose it either! It is a free gift through faith in Jesus Christ!

What is a service like? It is liturgically informal. Come as you are. The bulletin is your guide to the service and our worship leaders try and give good directions without using insider language. If you hear something that could be helpful in finetuning our welcome, let us know! Also please ask your neighbour in the pew any questions you might have about the service. They are hoping you do! 

Should I come up for communion? You are more than welcome to! We practice an open table at Sprit of Life. No experience necessary, just come and receive God's grace given for you. 

What about my kids? This is a smaller congregation made up of many different generations. Children are honoured and valued at Spirt of Life and encouraged as part of the community. 

What about parking? We have free underground parking accessible in the alley way between Yukon and Alberta. Park in any of the stalls that say "Church Parking" 

What to wear? Whatever makes you comfortable! 

How can I get connected? Speak to Pastor Aneeta or any member of Our Team (found on this site) 

Isn't Lutheranism about Martin Luther and the Reformation? It sure is! Pastor Aneeta would love to meet you for coffee and conversation about the history of the church, plus any other questions you might have about Christianity through a Lutheran lens.