Come as you are. You are enough.

Join by Zoom on Sunday mornings by contacting Kathy in the office and she'll give you the link or you can click the button above, and join the livestream.

Spirit of Life is an inclusive community of faith centered around the life, death and ressurection of Jesus Christ. We follow the Revised Common Lectionary and so yes, we're "liturgical" but not stuffy! We think the liturgy (or the Work of the People) is an ancient and beautiful thing, trusting that God breathes new life into any community the Holy Spirit gathers in worship. You are very much a part of God's new life! 

We celebrate Holy Communion each week and believe all are welcome to partake in this sacred meal of God's abundant grace. We mainly use two resources: The Evangelical Lutheran Worship (or ELW for short), and All Creation Sings which is a new and creative supplimental edition. Don't let the word "Evangelical" throw you. It simply means that we're excited to proclaim the liberating Good News of Jesus the Christ to all who need to hear some good news. We love to sing. We care deeply for the world around us. We strive to be a part of God's justice especially for the oppressed. We understand that the Christian church must continue to learn, reflect and allow God to change us in order to be followers of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Come and worship at Spirit of Life! We're expecting you.